Essential Oils and Your Mood

Often smells evoke vivid emotional memories more than images.  Did you know memories triggered by a particular scent are linked to increased activity within the limbic system, the area of the brain where memories and emotions are held?! 

If you love essential oils, you know that there are many to choose from that can immediately change your mood. For example, one of the most well-known essential oils - lavender, is famed for its calming properties. Peppermint oil is wonderful fresh oil to help with headaches or stressful situations. Citrus oils are instant mood boosters

Wellness Advocate Alicia Webster shares her tips on how to use essential oils and recommends scents that uplift, ground and relax.


Take your oils on the go with diffuser jewellery

To use a diffuser bracelet simply choose your favourite pure oil, add a drop or two to the bead, allow it to absorb and enjoy! Diffuser jewellery is made from Lava - a unique porous stone that has the ability to absorb oils. Lava is known for its grounding and protection. Our lava bracelets are part of our wellness collection and make wonderful gifts.