Hello Autumn

The Autumn Equinox is a meaningful time of year.  It could be a time when a you can enjoy the fruits of a real harvest of the things planted in the garden and/or a time to harvest the efforts and intentions for your life path which you set earlier in the year. 

The changing seasons are key points in the cycle of life in nature and Autumn is the time of year when you can create space and make room for what’s to come next year.   It is therefore no surprise to discover that this is the perfect time to pause and find stillness within as the days are about to get shorter and the nights much longer.

But today - the fall equinox - everything is equal. There is a symmetry between the light and the dark. Today it is all about balance consider taking this opportunity to rebalance, restore, and refocus your energy.

 The Autumn Equinox is a perfect time to:

  • Set a new intention for the season. Ask yourself, what matters most to you? An intention shouldn’t be confused with a goal — it’s not something you attach an expectation or evaluation to. Instead it is something you want to align with in your life, something to aim at, a purpose, or an attitude you would be proud to commit to.
  • Sit in a comfortable position and take some conscious breaths.
  • Consider participating in a guided meditation. Starting up a meditation practice can be quite hard and daunting.  There are many resources available, such as guided meditations which will allow you to find some stillness which in turn will help you to refocus your energy.
  • Practice 108 sun salutations! Sounds overwhelming?   Doesn’t have to be!  Whether it’s just doing 9 or 108, take the time to get on your mat, to ground yourself and to take a chance to mentally and physically detoxify.  If this is your first time participating in one - take lots of breaks!

Take this opportunity to deepen your awareness by practicing self-care. Whether it be meditation, a breathing exercise, or a yoga practice give yourself a chance to rebalance, refocus and reset.