New Season, New Beginnings

After six amazing years on this journey to design inspired and intentional jewellery, we are so grateful to be where we are - at a place of gratitude to everyone who has joined us along the way and with anticipation of the path ahead.

In celebration of this milestone - our six-year anniversary - we are unveiling our new name to reflect who we have become and where we are going:  iris108.

Iris is the goddess of rainbows and wisdom; she represents hope and kindness. 108 is universally recognized as an auspicious number which connects science with the human mind and body. The combination, iris108 results in the dimension of infinite potential and good fortune.

We are Asha and Caroline, and we believe that a piece of jewelry should always be designed with the intention of empowering you.  We personally hand-pick minerals and crystals that encourage feelings of love, gratitude, and harmony. Our pieces are more than fine jewellery - they are the ultimate personal talisman.