The Practice of Kindness

What a time these last few months have been! To say they are extra-ordinary is an understatement. And as we start facing a new normal we are still reminded of grief, anguish, confusion. We may not feel immediate relief with this new normal and that's ok. We have been taking time to reflect, we turn to what we practice. Yoga. Not necessarily the physical practice but the practice as a whole.

What comes to our mind are the pilars of yoga. The one that sticks out more than others these days is Kindness or Ahimsa. 

But what is Kindness?

Compassion, Non harming, Consideration.

How we practice kindness varies depending on the situation - from a simple smile, helping hand, kind words, or listening whole heartedly and putting aside any biases.

Sounds easy? Not always, we can have a bad day and our egos get in the way. The ego taking over - wanting to be better, to win, the fear of failure. By not causing pain to others, your own life will experience less pain. We often turn to the mat or finding a moment. Finding space within us, quieting that inner chatter and reflecting without judgement and ego. 

As the new day starts, or a new moon, one of our daily intentions is the constant reminder of practicing kindness and love.