Classic White Moonstone with 18K Gold
Unconditional Love with 18K Gold
Amethyst with Lotus Charm
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Bracelet • Morganite • 5mm
Rose Quatz with Pink Heart CharmRose Quatz with Pink Heart Charm
La Luna with 18K Gold
Larimar with Star Fish CharmLarimar with Star Fish Charm
Rainbow Moonstone with Crescent Moon CharmRainbow Moonstone with Crescent Moon Charm
Tea Rose Quartz with Full Moon Charm
Burmese Green Jade with 18K Gold
Turquoise with 14K White Gold
Classic  Grey Moonstone with 18K Gold
Tanzanite with Star Charm
Blink of an Eye BraceletBlink of an Eye Bracelet
Life is A Balance with 18K Gold
Classic Apricot Moonstone with 18K Gold
Everything You Need is Already Within You with 18K Gold
Classic Aquamarine with 18K Gold
Classic Citrine with 18K Gold
Aquamarine with Wave Charm
Black Moonstone with Crescent Moon Charm
White Moonstone Mini with 14K Gold
Tiger's Eye Gumball Ring
Bracelet • Olivine • 8mm
Multi Coloured Tiger's Eye with 18K Gold
Ombre Yellow Sapphire Mini with 14K Gold
Classic New Jade with 18K Gold
14K Gold Aquamarine Drop Earrings

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