Bracelet • Light Moonstone • 6mmBracelet • Light Moonstone • 6mm
Botswana Agate with Crescent Moon Charm
Arctic Serenity: Howlite with CZ Icy Blue Rondelle Bracelet
Bracelet • Rose Quartz • 8mmBracelet • Rose Quartz • 8mm
Bracelet • Rose Quartz • 6mmBracelet • Rose Quartz • 6mm
Cherry Quartz With Watermelon CharmCherry Quartz With Watermelon Charm
Kunzite with Moon Star CharmKunzite with Moon Star Charm
Bracelet • Sunstone • 6mm
Chrysoprase with Cactus CharmChrysoprase with Cactus Charm
Amethyst with Lotus Charm
Celestial Dreams - Labradorite
Bracelet • Rainbow Tourmaline • 6mmBracelet • Rainbow Tourmaline • 6mm
Bracelet • Tanzanite • 6mm
Black Agate with Star Charm
Lapis Lazuli with Healing Hand Charm
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Bracelet • Lapis Lazuli • 8mm
Bracelet • Larimar • 5mmBracelet • Larimar • 5mm
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Aquamarine with Monstera Charm
Kyanite with New Moon Charm
Dumortierite with Eye Charm
Amazonite with Starfish
Blue Lace Agate with Sand Dollar Charm
Aquamarine with Wave Charm
Indian Agate with Acorn CharmIndian Agate with Acorn Charm
Bracelet • Smoky Quartz • 8mm
Black Moonstone with Crescent Moon Charm
Apricot Moonstone with Star CharmApricot Moonstone with Star Charm
Custom Beaded Bracelet

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