About Us

Designed for living in the present moment

Mindfulness. Wellness. Intentional Living are words we often hear in our fast-paced world.
Immediacy is everything where the present moment is forever forgotten. 

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Brand Values

At iris108 our passion for wellness, yoga and its accompanying philosophy, combined with our deep appreciation for semi-precious gemstones has inspired us to create beautiful pieces that allow us all to take a moment to breathe, connect and focus our attention inward and concentrate on what matters most.

For several hundreds of years and in many traditions and cultures gemstone have had a unique significance to a person’s wellbeing and focus. Being “well” means fixing our attention on the important things in life and striving to achieve our true potential. Our pieces allow clients to refocus their intentions, to ignore distractions and realise their true ambitions. Our passion for yoga has inspired in us a compassionate way of living, which is reflected in the early stages of our design, to the way in which we manage our business and how we treat our valued clients. 

Just as time is a luxury – our pieces are a simple luxury that we hope you will cherish and look after. Our aim is to inspire through our semiprecious stones.

The Founders

“We infuse all things we fashion with a breath of our own spirit”

In 2014 Asha and Caroline – expats, dedicated yoga practitioners, as well as qualified yoga instructors - ‘met on the mat.’ Given their commitment to the practice of yoga and all that goes with it, there is little surprise that this “union” of two committed yogis led to the inspiration behind the brand. A passion for wellness and semi-precious gems led them to design and create beautiful jewellery made for anyone who is on the path of wellness and intentional lifestyle.

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Our Pieces

Inspired by the
Desert Sand

Sand is often a metaphor for the passing of time. We look at sand as our moment of time as in an hour glass. Our sable bead (French for sand) with its unique texture was designed by us and inspired by the desert.


Using only the finest materials, our wide range of semi-precious gemstones and various colours of gold, are carefully paired together to manifest an intention. 


Beautiful handmade pieces never go out of style. Our bespoke handmade bracelets and necklaces are exquisite, unique and exclusively handcrafted by iris108 artisans. There is a special story that goes into each piece.


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