Bracelet • Larimar • 5mmBracelet • Larimar • 5mm
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Aquamarine with Monstera Charm
Kyanite with New Moon Charm
Amethyst with Lotus Charm
Arctic Serenity: Howlite with CZ Icy Blue Rondelle Bracelet
Bracelet • New Jade • 6mm
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Kunzite with Moon Star CharmKunzite with Moon Star Charm
Classic  Grey Moonstone with 18K Gold
Mala • Kunzite • 8mm
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Pink Opal Bracelet with 18K Gold
Aquamarine with Wave Charm
Classic Amethyst with 18K Gold
Turquoise with 14K White Gold
Blue Lace Agate with Sand Dollar Charm
White Agate with 18K Gold
Kyanite Mini with 14K Rose Gold
Blue Coral with Wishbone Charm
Blue Quartz with Cloud Charm
Bracelet • Moonstone • 8mm
Kyanite Mini with 14K Gold North StarKyanite Mini with 14K Gold North Star
Apatite with Acorn Charm
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One of a Kind • Bracelet • Vintage Amethyst

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