About Us

My life once revolved around the relentless pace of the corporate world. Deadlines, meetings, and constant pressure were my reality. I was succeeding in my career, but beneath the surface, the weight of burnout grew heavier each day.

Then, amidst the chaos, I found my sanctuary: yoga. The mat became my haven, a place where I could breathe freely, clear my head, and reconnect with myself. Yoga wasn't just a physical practice for me; it became my path to healing and self-discovery. Each asana and mindful breath was a step towards finding balance and inner peace.

This personal transformation ignited a new passion within me. I felt a deep desire to extend this sense of support and empowerment to other women. I envisioned creating something more meaningful than just products; I dreamt of crafting tokens of commitment, each with its own intention.

Iris108 is a tribute to every woman on her path to reclaiming her strength and finding her balance. It stands as a beacon for every woman, encouraging her to navigate her life's journey with confidence and grace.

It's a celebration of the diverse paths we tread, a reminder that while we all walk in different shoes, we share the common goal of finding our true selves. This journey isn't just about reaching a destination; it's about embracing each step with kindness, both towards ourselves and others, as we each find our unique rhythm and balance.