This kit has been custom made to celebrate love and friendship.

We hope you can fire-up your creative juices to create a beautiful keepsake of the gathering today.  Take a moment to pause and enjoy the natural colours of the gemstones and to absorb the energies they bring.

You will find in your beading kit:

  • 30 x 6mm morganite gemstone beads
  • 2 x 8mm morganite gemstone beads
  • 1 x 14K 3mm Stardust finish gold bead
  • Bracelet cord (Mauve)
  • Jewellry grade elastic

You will need to provide:

  • Some sharp scissors
  • Some coloured pencils
  • Store bought crazy glue

You can either thread the beads on the Jewellry grade elastic or on the bracelet cord. Finish with a simple knot. 

We suggest before you start creating your bracelet you take a moment to complete the Mandela/pattern overleaf.   By pausing you can take a minute to reflect on your friendship and the times you have shared. 

Consider how you are feeling.

  • Happy
  • Excited
  • Emotional
  • In need of a cupcake or macaroon?!
  • All of the above!